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Timepiece: Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up

Louis Vuitton continues to grow its collection of connected watches with the latest addition to the line-up, the Tambour Horizon Light Up timepiece.

The French design label and fashion house has decided to refresh the familiar silhouette and convex case profile of the original Tambour watch, adjusted it for the Horizon’s connectivity. The watch’s screen is composed of curved sapphire glass that seamlessly pours over the edge of the device’s face like an infinity pool. The Tambour Horizon comes equipped with 24 LED lights under the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram ring, giving this watch eye-catching optics from the first look.

The initial launch will see three iterations — the Polished Steel, the Matte Black and the Matte Brown — the latter of which is “a reflection of one of the Maison’s iconic historic codes,” according to a release. In terms of customizations, wearers can change the always-on display to fit a certain mood, look or occasion with eight built-in dial configurations. Additionally, customers can add their initials to the device in their choice of colour and typeface.

The watch is equipped with a custom-designed operating system that largely responds to a system of swipes. Swiping right will open the “My Day” tab, which displays the wearer’s agenda, step count and heart rate, as well as the weather and air quality. Swiping down displays notifications whilst swiping up will show a control panel, and swiping left opens “My Travel,” which stores the wearer’s travel plans and boarding passes.

The timepiece is accredited as “made for iPhone” but is compatible with Android and HarmonyOS smartphones.

Louis Vuitton’s new Tambour Horizon Light Up has now launched globally on January 7. RRP £2,690.

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