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Tinted Moisturisers For The Extended Glow Up

For those of you in the UK at the end of June, being out and about during the recent spate of hot weather and glorious sunshine will undoubted be leaving you a little sun kissed from all that vitamin D. Alas, when we’re talking about the UK weather system, we’re usually referring to a week, maybe two weeks at a push, when the weather just hits right.

But what does one do when the inevitable grey / overcast / rubbish weather returns? Luckily a saviour is at hand in the form of certain moisturising creams that help you keep that glowing on and on. Those in the know already have been using it for years, and yes it’s likely to be those gents you know that have constantly glowing skin all year round. Those that give off the impression they are on holiday 4-5 times a year, with mini-breaks in between to keep that everlasting glow going.

Thus, perhaps it is time you reach for the tinted moisturisers too? Incorporating this little trick into your grooming routine will pay off in the long term as your skin keeps that radiance and glow you only think Hollywood stars pull off. Time to level up your complexion game.

Before we delve in, first a briefing so you’re in the know. First off, a tinted moisturiser is just like the moisturiser you know already. Designed to keep your skin hydrated through the day. Tinted moisturisers provide the added benefit of glow-enhancing coverage similar to that of a concealer or foundation, but without any of the heaviness associated with make-up. Some tinted moisturisers also include additional SPF protection against UV rays or free radicals.

Secondly, whilst tinted moisturisers are like what you know already, the one key difference is that you’ll need to wash it off at the end of the day. Keeping a tinted moisturiser on for extended periods will result in blocked pores or a oil/sebum build up that will leave your skin looking tired. Whilst this isn’t like make-up, it is still a product. Luckily tinted moisturisers can easily be washed off using your usual face wash or scrub.

Last thing. You might be thinking that a tinted moisturiser sounds and acts like a BB cream. Right in one sense – they both hydrate the skin. Wrong in the other sense, in that a tinted moisturiser is much more lighter on the skin.

Now you’re au-fait with the tinted moisturiser landscape, let’s take a look at a few recommendations from DiscerningGent.com to help you level up your skin glow.

No7 City Light Tinted Moisturiser (£12.71 from Boots)

If this is your first foray into tinted moisturisers, this could be the best way to get accustomed to its benefits. Formulated as both a skincare and a makeup product, meaning it works to nourish the skin while still providing skin-toned blemish coverage, it combines an antioxidant complex and SPF 15 to protect, while also helping maintain moisture levels throughout the day. The coverage veers towards the sheer side, which helps reduce any redness and skin imperfections while still having a very natural look. Suitable for all skin types.

Apostle Reclaim Tinted Moisturiser (£21 from Apostle)

Reclaim has been designed to ‘enhance’ rather than alter your natural good looks and to help inspire confidence. Created for the contemporary urban man, the brand has a commitment to offering the most comprehensive range of shades (12 in total). Powered with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich proprietary Apostle Blue Mountain Complex, the 2-in-1 daily face cream has both regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also improves skin elasticity and firmness over time, boosting collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and protecting the complexion from skin stressors. Suitable for all skin types.

War Paint for Men Tinted Moisturiser (£24 from War Paint For Men)

Available in five shades, this tinted moisturiser differs from many others by being a mix of foundation and moisturiser, as opposed to just a light tint, so offers greater coverage. As it has been specifically developed for men, it avoids using iridescent diffusing powders which can give the game away, resulting in a mattified, healthy-looking natural glow. Easy to apply and streak-free, you can dilute it by mixing it with your regular moisturiser. Ideal for all skin types.

Dior Forever Glow Star Filter (£45 from Dior)

This multi-use, perfecting, radiance-boosting fluid is a one-stop-shop for flawless complexions. Offering 24 hours of intense hydration and four different ways to apply. Used on bare skin and on its own, it gives you the appearance of being sun kissed. It is also made with 94% natural origin ingredients, so it’s perfect as an efficacious hydrator. Great for all skin types.

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