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Humanrace: Bodycare Range

A year on from the launch of Humanrace, the new skincare brand from Pharrell Williams, he’s at it again as he prepares to expand the range with its latest offering – bodycare.

Initially, Humanrace – as reported on DiscerningGent.com this time last year – launched with a unisex lineup featuring a rice powder cleaner, exfoliator and moisturizer products focused on working for all skin types. The new bodycare range is to launch with a duo of soap-free products, the first is a Whiteclay Body Bar made from kaolin clay and snow mushroom extract, the two ingredients combining to keep the skin hydrated without compromising on moisture. The second, a Charcoal Body Bar, made with rice powder and charcoal powder, designed to refine the texture of your skin.

Launching alongside the two Body Bars is a ceramic dish designed as a tray to keep your soapy items (these or other soaps of your choosing) safe when not in use. The ceramic tray is available in an off-white tone that complements the colours of either Body Bar.

“The Body Bars mark Humanrace’s latest entry into a new category. We’re continuing to expand how you can care for your wellbeing by offering a routine for your body. I’m proud of the work we’ve done to enter the body care category, and we’re excited to show the world what’s next,” said Rachel Muscat, Humanrace’s President.

Launching on 22nd November, the bodycare range starts at approx. £13 ($18) for the Body Bars and £56 ($75) for the ceramic tray.


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