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Trends: Online Personal Stylists

Shopping for new clothes can be a chore, most men know this as fact. Whether it’s trudging through the high street retailers to find your size, spur-of-the-moment online purchasing in blind faith it’ll fit your shape or simply being too busy (or reluctant) to do it anyway – these are the hard facts about the stresses the discerning gent faces when shopping today.

Industry Growth

The men’s fashion industry is booming – stats highlight this. Take market research (Verdict, 2015) that announced the UK menswear was forecast to grow by more than 25 per cent to 2019, or that in the previous five years demonstrated 18 per cent growth. British men are hungry for the latest fashion trends – although men’s trends tend to move much slower than womenswear – research (Mintel, 2015) highlighted how 26 per cent of men aged between 25-34 said they were driven by the latest fashion trends.

The stats speak for themselves and if you’re reading this article then chances are pretty high that you have an interest in fashion too. However, men like guidance whether admitted or not. One wrong turn in the fashion maze can lead to a dead-end of ridicule so the informed recommendations from DiscerningGent.com and other key players (hat tip to you all) help to assist through trends and style – but additional help is always welcome – especially at point of sale.

The Fashion Saviour

Step forward personal stylists – those with an eye to matching the latest fashion and style lines for the many men in search a new wardrobe. First witnessed through employment by high street retailers in number, this legion of stylists helped men make better style decisions – but this still required the discerning gent to physically get himself to the store to benefit from the experts’ eye.

Fast forward a few years more and there was yet more development in the personal stylist market – this time a discerning gent didn’t need to leave the comfort of his own home. The reason – personal stylist, like many things that have benefitted from technological disruption, shifted online and the dawn of the online personal stylist began as numerous outlets popped up offering the styling service and direct delivery to your door.

The Future

There are a number of outlets available that service this growing market – working to the base principle that removing the aspect making a man go into a store in favour of shopping online and delivering when required a profitable venture.

DiscerningGent.com spoke to two of the established outlets to find out how the service works, how they differ from each other and what benefits the discerning gent can expect by taking up the service. Time to take a look at The Chapar and Thread

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