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Online Personal Stylist: The Chapar

Positioned as personal styling, The Chapar aims to make things easier for the discerning gent of today. Working in a similar fashion to other men’s online personal styling services, The Chapar focuses on ease and simplicity.

Speaking to DiscerningGent.com, Sam Middleton – Founder & CEO, says “We believe that the way men buy clothes is fundamentally flawed. Frankly, men don’t like to shop. They don’t like shopping on the high street and they don’t like shopping online. We knew there must be ‘a third way’ and The Chapar is it. Personalised outfits delivered to your door.

The Chapar Man is serviced by a team of Personal Stylists who learn everything they need to know about their client. Clothes are selected according to an intimate profile and are tailored to suit a particular lifestyle. The Chapar Man knows what he wants and now he knows where he can get it. Personal styling. No shopping.”

About The Service From The Chapar

How does the service work in order to provide all the details you need? Talk DiscerningGent.com through the steps a discerning gent needs to go through to use the service.

Simple to use and redefining how men shop for clothes, we provide personalised outfits delivered straight to your door. Serviced by a team of Personal Stylists who learn everything they need to know about their client, you have your clothes individually selected according to your style, lifestyle and brand preferences before being delivered to your home or workplace. All you have to do is try on your great new clothes and decide what you want to keep. We then collect the trunk containing the clothes you don’t want and you only pay for what you’ve kept.

Tell us more about the depth of clothing inventory your service carries (e.g. number of items, focus on particular clothing items etc.)?

We have a team of buyers who ensure that our inventory is up-to-date and relevant to our customers. We currently stock over 50 brands which are constantly reviewed and added to, based on customer feedback and extensive research into trends.

Which are the most popular menswear brands you stock?

Currently, the most popular menswear brands we stock are Hackett, Scotch & Soda and Levi’s. We also see a big demand for product specialists such as John Smedley Knitwear or Sunspel Polos.

Do you cater for specific occasions (name all themes/occasions you provide for)?

Yes, we can cater for almost any occasion that a member requires. The most common requests we get are for summer holiday-themed trunks, which contain high quality swimwear and casual pieces to wear around the pool. We also do wedding-themed trunks for guests who are looking for something a bit special, and there are a lot of guys with weddings coming up soon. As Chapar members have a very personal, direct relationship with their stylist every trunk is individual and can be varied to suit your needs – all you have to do is ask!

How many stylists do you have at The Chapar?

We currently have 25 full time stylists. As the company grows we continue to employ more stylists to ensure that we never compromise on the level of personal service that members receive.

How do your stylists ensure the lines you stock are the latest/on trend etc.?

All our stylists are incredibly passionate about what they do and are clued-in to industry updates and seasonal trends. We also have a team of buyers who regularly attend industry events and brand showcases. We take into account that not all trends suit all individuals and as such we ensure that our members are always taken into consideration. Looks are cherry picked according to your age, style and personal taste and you can be as adventurous or conservative as you’d like.

How do you ensure the items picked suit the tastes of that specific customer?

We don’t use any algorithms or technology to try and predict what members might like. We speak to each and every person before and after they receive each trunk to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of that person’s likes, dislikes, body shape, personal style and much more. Clothes are then hand-picked by your stylist and delivered from our warehouse.

Tell us more about any personalisation you offer in your service?

We pride ourselves on the level of personalisation we offer. On signing up members are given a personal stylist who remains their key point of contact within the company. This relationship aims to be a constructive, open dialogue around the member’s attitudes towards their own style and helps them to find clothing that makes them feel comfortable and confident. We look at every member individually and take into account factors such as age, occupation, hobbies & interests, personal style, hair colour, skin tone and more.

So my items arrive, what next?

It’s a very straightforward, pain-free experience. Once the trunk arrives you can try on your great new clothes and decide what you want to keep (we recommend doing it over a bottle of wine with your significant other – just don’t spill the wine!). Whatever you want to keep can go straight into your wardrobe and the rest goes back into the trunk. Ring your stylist and we’ll come and collect the trunk at your convenience and you only pay for what you’ve kept.

How easy is it for me to arrange returns of the items I don’t want?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply put it back in the trunk, ring your stylist and we’ll come and collect it whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

What if I don’t like anything you’ve select for me?

We hope that there will always be something that appeals to you but if not, simply discuss with your stylist what it was that you didn’t like (fit, colours, styles, etc) and we can send out another trunk. You don’t pay anything extra for delivery or your stylist so you can have as many trunks as you want as often as you want. After you receive each trunk you’ll have the opportunity to give your stylist feedback so as your relationship with us progresses we’ll be able to get more and more specific about your needs and wants.

To experience the service, visit The Chapar

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