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Tommy Hilfiger: Tommy Now Fragrance

If the desire for sunnier times this hits you with the autumn/winter blues this time of the year, it’s key the discerning gent employs cunning tactics to fool the senses. Brighter vibrant clothing, renewed vigour and a sunnier disposition in general may all help.

However, sometimes it’s a simple case of switching up your fragrance to bring the summer vibes back. One of those fragrances is Tommy Now eau de toilette by Tommy Hilfiger.

This scent is bursting with positivity and high energy. A big reason is the citrus hit of bergamot and zesty mandarin. Layered over this is the rich geranium and spicy ginger combined with the sweet cardamom. Like any good scent, it needs to be grounded by a base note and Tommy Now is anchored by two; warm Amberwood and earthy moss.

All these notes combine to make Tommy Now a modern masculine scent. It’s light and summery but that doesn’t mean it cannot be applied when the days get darker too. On the contrary, Tommy Now has the flexibility to work between the seasons.

RRP £20/30ml from The Perfume Shop

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