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The Work From Home Collection

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has affected all areas of life. The discerning gent has been forced to leave the office, actually (we mean legitimately) work from home, home school, and do everything else from home. With no commute, there was no time for the mentality transition from home to work, and likewise, back from work to home. The lines have been blurred like no other time, across all generations.

As the shift from office to home became to feel more permanent, so our flex on business attire began to shift and ease. Gone are the three piece suits, the dapper shoes and the slick man bag. Office fashion is no more and we are all living a ‘head-and-shoulders’ life hopping from one Zoom call to another with only the top half of our bodies on show.

So what are we to do? Whilst the struggle has been real for so many through the last seven months as business attire and loungewear merge ever more into each other’s’ territory, one Canadian clothing brand has offered to add a few laughs to what is the reality for many. The Work From Home collection is a new campaign from Herni Vézina, it plays on the ‘top half only’ mentality we’re all used to in 2020.

Topical and highly relevant, Herni Vézina plays on the key thought going through the minds of many each morning from Monday to Friday as we gear our clothing choices on the number and status of each video conference scheduled in their work diaries. The pandemic has left so many negative marks on 2020 so to have a little humour right now is welcome. DiscerningGent.com hopes that better balance on all fronts of work and life is achieved in 2021. In the meantime, let’s all smile and think about how we’d like to dress for the next business-critical video call.

Henri Vezina

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