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Electric Shaver: Braun Series 9

For most things there are two trains of thought; you’re either a cat person or a dog person, you prefer sunrise to sunset or you are a man that opts for a hand razor over an electric shaver. Either or is personal preference, but above all else your shave should be clean and smooth.

For the discerning gent looking to make the switch, or more likely, upgrade his now-dated older model. Focusing on the latter, your current electric shavers’ battery is worn down, the blades have likely dulled after years of use and shaving science has moved on since your last investment. Time for something new and shiny with the Braun Series 9 cordless electric shaver.

The Series 9 is the best electric shaver from the German brand, with the foil shaver geared for comfort as the top priority. Historically, electric shavers have received a bad-rep for irritation and post-shave discomfort – mainly due to the user having to go over the same patch of skin multiple times for the blades to catch all the hairs. Not so with the Series 9 which carries a ten-direction swivelling head and two titanium-coated trimmers. The upshot? Only a couple of strokes are needed in order to catch the hairs, even in those tricky areas under the nose or across the jawline.

This shaver can be used dry or wet – it’s 100% waterproof so it can be used with shaving cream/gel or even in the shower if preferred. It will suit the shave routine of most men and also comes with its own charging stand. Available in gold, silver or black models.

Being the top-tier shaver in the Braun range, the discerning gent can expect top notch quality throughout. It’s certainly has the feel of a weighty quality in the hand and with added directional flex and microvibration technology to aid for a smoother shave, your skin will repay you in glow and healthy sheen. Ultimately, for the hirsute discerning gent that needs to shave daily, or those that only need to trim every two to three days, it’s worth investing in the best shaver you can afford.

RRP £299.99 – check Amazon or Boots for festive deals with savings of up to £150 off the list price.

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