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Is the idea of taking a blade to your throat the kind of grooming experience you crave?

The cut throat wet shave with a super sharp blade is one of the rituals every discerning gent should incorporate into his grooming regime. DiscerningGent.com has long been advocates of the experience, whether by your own hand or that of a trained barber.

The simple reason behind why? It’s the very essence of manliness. Taking a blade to the skin just as early man evolved to take a sharp tool to his bearded face and carve away unwanted hair. Just as man, and the early discerning gent, as evolved, so has shaving. Today, the cut throat wet shave is both an art and science – the techniques remain age-old but the instruments have developed to give today’s man the closest shave possible.

Men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has this month launched a range of new razors aimed at the traditionalist who prefers a shave the naked blade way. The new line up features three options aimed at the premium end of the market.

The first two – the Claymore and Broadsword – are two straight razors using the replaceable blade. Firmly aimed at the cut-throat shaver, the Claymore (£149.99) also features a moisture-repellent African Blackwood handle for that stylist touch, while the Broadsword (£99.99) boasts a 5/8 inch carbon steel hollow ground blade with a round point.

The third and final shaver in the new line up is the Cutlass (£34.99) – a slightly lighter, longer-handled take on the long-standing Scimitar. It’s This double-edge safety razor is a precision-engineered piece of equipment that makes for an easier shave for the discerning gent trying cut-throat shaves for the first time, without the need for compromise when it comes to results.

The Bluebeards Revenge

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