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Timepiece: Tom Ford 001 Collection

When designer & director, Tom Ford, decides to launch something new, you can bet it will be good. The reason why it is good is that Ford does not reinvent the wheel – be it a sharp suit, slick shoes of a new fragrance – it is never (generally) revolutionary. Instead, it is evolutionary, it is better in some way. The fit, the style, the details. Whatever the element, it works and it will be popular. That is why the discerning gent should look at the new Tom Ford timepiece collection: Tom Ford 001.

The new timepieces are made in partnership with the Bedrock Manufacturing Company, parent company of both Shinola and Filson – brands with similar benchmarks to craftsmanship as Tom Ford himself. The new 001 style features a rectangular tank case in either 18-karat gold or stainless steel with a choice of three finishes: polished, matte and brushed. The dial is available in white or black and incorporates a two-hand quartz movement under the bonnet.  There is a round case style anticipated for launch next year.

In a statement, Tom Ford said, “In general, I dislike a trendy watch, as I am a fairly classic person. For a man who is more traditional, watches are really one of the few accessories he can wear outside of maybe a wedding ring.”

One key feature of the new 001 collection is how the watch straps can be interchanged with ease – similar in simplicity to those of the Apple Watch. For the discerning gent in favour of a wrist refresh every so often, the best way to achieve this was to swap timepieces. Now, with the 001, he can swap Italian-made wrist straps as often as needed. Smart and slick classic colours for the office – no problem, braided leather with a bit of flair thrown in when at play, easy.

Ford is no stranger to the world of watch design. During his time at Gucci Group he was responsible for the design of timepieces from Gucci, YSL and Boucheron. He has an eye for what works and why, so it will be interest to see how these timepieces work in the market. DiscerningGent.com will not be surprised but their success, after all every from Ford just works.

From £1,600 – £7,400 – Tom Ford

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