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Soveral: Men’s Luxury Grooming

A grooming regime, as we’ve previously discussed at DiscerningGent.com, is an essential part of the looking good routine for the discerning gent. Luckily, there are many products on the market that can help the discerning gent in his efforts to looking slick and smelling rather nice at the same time. The bigger problem is navigating through the plethora of products to find the right one for the individual. That’s where DiscerningGent.com steps in, use our Grooming section to equip yourself with the news on the latest and greatest products.

One product that has caught the eyes and nose of DiscerningGent.com is Soveral – by Alexandra Soveral, known for her women’s range previously has launched a luxury men’s equivalent grooming line-up comprising of five new products.


Mask: Bare Faced prebiotic face polish & mask (50ml for £52) – a multipurpose face polish and scrub that deeply cleans to remove dirt and grime, whilst reviving tired skin. The product’s unique hand blended formula of essentials oils and fine bamboo powder makes for one the best bare faced cleans discerning gent can get. Naturally forming prebiotic, Inulin, is masterly combined with cypress and frangonia essential oils to balance skin sebum production and aid enhanced tissue recovery.

Look: The Eye C Vitamin C brightening eye serum (15ml for £45) – a powerful combination of Vitamin C and pomegranate extract tackles puffy, dark, tired-looking eyes, something the hardworking (or partying) discerning gent is familiar with. It works with the ellagic acids and high strength antioxidants to re-enforce the skin’s natural defence systems. Soveral’s brightening serum aids the strengthening of cell membranes to protect them from damage and aging and encourages hydration resulting in fresher, more vibrant eyes.

Nourish: Formula X multivitamin liquid moisturiser (30ml for £55) – this light and easily absorbed moisturiser is fully loaded with natural vitamins, antioxidants and anti-aging essential oils. The perfect liquid moisturiser revives and rejuvenates the skin without leaving an oily residue, helping the discerning gent avoid shiny skin. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties such as witch hazel contribute to healthier skin and help tighten pores for an even complexion. This purely original formula nourishes, protects and prevents skin damage resulting in smoother hydrated skin.

Body: Green tea & lime multifunctional energising hair and body wash (250ml for £43) – this cleanses and conditions both hair and body in one easy step. SLS, SLES and Paraben free, the product cleans without stripping away the body’s natural oils, leaving it revitalised and nourished. The combination of zingy lime which protects the skin, and green tea essential oils make a wonderful tonic for body and mind. For all hair and skin types.

Face: Mr Mint active daily face wash (250ml for £45) – a lightly foaming daily face wash, which cleans whilst gently moisturising. Infused with organic mint, this sulphate free face wash gently removes grime without stripping the skin, leaving it fresh, clean and ready for the challenges ahead for the discerning gent. Also SLS, SLES and Paraben free.

Available from AlexandraSoveral.com or Net-A-Porter.

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