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Grooming Rules For 2016

Start the new year the way you mean to go on with subtle changes to your grooming regime. A little extra care now will go a long way later – trust us, your skin and hair will thank you for it in the future. Even by making just one of the changes listed below will pay dividends, but incorporating all five tweaks will ensure you’re looking good throughout 2016.

  1. Moisturise More

Sounds simple, but it’s the most effective revamp you can make. And it doesn’t just mean your face but every inch of your skin. Adding that extra layer of moisture will provide that enduring glow rather than a greyed-out or greasy finish to the biggest organ your body has. In terms of product, go for something oil-free for that extra hydration whilst a matt finish means you don’t look too shiny. And by the way, drink plenty of water too.

  1. Pay Attention To SPF

It might seem like a ridiculous claim when living in a country like the UK with its inherent lack of sunshine, but this is a serious one. Those UV rays, as warming as they are, are the biggest cause of skin aging as well as damage from sunburn, not to mention the threat of skin cancer too. Even on overcast days, UV rays can still penetrate the clouds and therefore your skin. So wise up to this by regularly using sun protection. And if you’re also planning to moisturise more (see rule 1) then get one with sunscreen combined. Clever boy.

  1. Protect Your Pearly Whites

When making a first impression there are few things more important than a winning smile and, of course, the state of your teeth. Make 2016 the year you step up your dental routine by making sure they look great by brushing, flossing, gargling and scheduling those appointments you missed in 2015 with your dentist or oral hygienist.

  1. Handsome Hands

Moisturising more (all over) will help tackle this issue in part, but this rule is much broader. Eliminating dry chapped skin will enhance the anti-aging process especially as your hands have much more exposure to various extremes (the weather, constant washing, hands-on work etc.). Make 2016 the year you rid yourself of biting your nails or picking your cuticles – both of which can lead to infections. Perhaps even stretch to a manicure once in a while, as unmanly as that may sound now, your hands will thank you for it later.

  1. Don’t Rush Shaving

As tempting as it may be to thrash the razor across your handsome face in a bid to cut seconds off your shaving regime, don’t do it. Rushing your bladework has no benefits due to: a) not allowing the shaving cream time to soften the hair follicles means the razor will simply tug on the hairs and b) not preparing the skin in advance with pre-shave oils or a hot towel to give facial hair time to absorb moisture. You’ll suffer from razor burn and have greater risk to ingrown hairs. Take your time, slow it down and enjoy the ritual.

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