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London Fashion Week Men’s: What We Know

The dust settles on another successful London Fashion Week Men’s until the summer months and it’s time to dissect the findings and understand what this means for the discerning gent in 2017. The big theme is that summer 2017 will be a season of high contrasts. This is due in part to the lack of a consistent common thread that linked up the most prominent flavour of the collections so far. Despite this missing ingredient, there were some very clear ideas apparent from the designers that will likely dictate what the discerning gent will be wearing, or at the very least, influenced by, once it starts to warm up.

DiscerningGent.com unravels the thread on four key trends:

1. Athleisure Will Break Out From The Gym

Athleisure is here to stay, we know that. The news here however, is that athleisure is evolving from its gym-only remit to become more prominent in everyday where. We’re not staying the discerning gent will be going to work in such attire (though totally dependent on the sartorial ruling of your office).

2. Sportswear Partnerships

Sticking with the sporty theme, the number of collaborations between fashion houses and sportswear giants continues to gather pace. Just look at Comme des Garçons Homme Plus with their take on the Nike Dunk sneaker. Other examples include Off-White with Umbro and Gosha Rubchinskiy linking up Italian sportswear powerhouses Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Kappa.

3. Purple Reign

It what could be easily be linked back to late and great musician Prince, robes flashing the purple where everywhere during London Fashion Week Men’s – with notable mentions to the likes of Christopher Shannon, Cottweiler and Xander Xhou to name just a few. The touch of regal grandeur is a classy touch.

4. It’s Still About The Sneakers

Men embraced the sneaker trend like no other within the footwear category in 2016 and, from what DiscerningGent.com has seen so far in 2017, that trend will grow in prominence. From the loud in-your-face numbers, the minimalist luxury of the premium brands or the super-fly Nike running shoes everyone is wearing right now.

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