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London Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 18: What We Know

The summer fashion festival that we know as London Fashion Week Men’s rolled into the capital in early June to showcase what styles and lines we’ll be wearing or taking inspiration from come summer 2018. The atmosphere in London felt different on this occasion as fashion seemed irrelevant given the General Election campaigning set amongst the terror attacks the weeks before.

Nevertheless the show must go on, as they say. DiscerningGent.com was glad it did – there was some serious fashion style and flair going on. Here, we breakdown the four key trends that will make a big impact on men’s fashion next year. Take note.


We’ve seen and been told by labels big and small that bold floral prints were de rigour over the last few seasons now. Well, it’s time those prints took a step down from the spotlight as single tones were the staple for spring/summer 18. Lines from Oliver Spencer and Xander Zhou demonstrated this and DiscerningGent.com can see why – think of the uniformity offered by a two/three-piece suit – the one colour is striking and gives off a classic look. That’s not to say what you wear underneath the monotone needs to big a single colour – think of those pieces as license to explore and be creative with basics like t-shirts or socks and footwear.

Baggy Trousers

Maybe we, the sartorially tuned in, are finally ready for this one. It’s been bubbling on the last few seasons – baggy trousers. Loose fitting is probably a better description but it looks like it’s hitting the mainstream now. Designer Patrick Grant at E Tautz, traditionally in favour of British subculture showed us just how the looser-fitting trousers worn high-waisted can be paired with a blazer and look good. Keep the shirts and/or jackets bold if rocking this trend next summer we say at DiscerningGent.com.

Wardrobe Staples

This has always been a tricky test for the man that wants the on trend look but not in favour of updating every season. Designer Lou Dalton hits the nail on the head with her take on the modern man’s wardrobe staples – a great pair of chinos, simple shirts and easy jackets where the devil is in the detail – allow yourself to build a collection bold and neutral shades and mix-and-match to make the style impact you want.

The Tone of Summer 18: Burnt Orange

If monotone was the theme, burnt orange certainly was a standout colour hue at the shows this year and should be on the colour spectrum of the discerning gent next summer. Easier to pull off by the pool or beach where this tone naturally fits in nicely, there is also the challenge this poses to paler skin tones too – either start your tanning challenge now (be sensible with sun screen, please) or look to one of the other colour trends – earthy greens.



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