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Upgrade Your Skin Strategy: Scrivner For Men

The recent wave of storms to hit the UK has given these lands a battering. Whilst harsh winds and lashing rain have caused many to batten down the hatches, it’s not just the outer exterior where our minds should be focusing. Consider how much of a beating your skin is taking through the daily toil of life – the elements, the commute, work, life, parenting and more – often the first organ to take all that stress is your skin.

Scrivner for Men, created by skincare specialist Jane Scrivner, is a  simple, five step system to deeply nourish, protect and feed skin pre-and post-shave and anything in between. Jane focuses on three core principles – firstly that a healthy skin looks after itself. Second, it’s vital that you keep the barrier function (a natural blend of oils and water) and the Acid Mantle (skin’s first line of defence) strong. This is all done by feeding, restoring and replenishing by employing your very own skin strategy.

Step 1: Skin Clean (£33/50ml)

  • This is the quintessential cleansing balm for men to deeply cleanse and soften the skin without stripping it of its natural oils – ideal to use pre, during or post shave.
  • Given it’s 85% organic content featuring skin balancing jojoba oil, natural decongestant rice bran wax and Tocopherol (vitamin E) to deeply cleanse, repair and restore skin, without stripping it of its natural oils during the shave process and beyond.
  • The blend of nine essential oils including carrot, curcuma, labdanum, lime, star anise and sandalwood cools and soothes post shave irritation whilst stimulating, softening and toning.

Step 2: Skin Resurface (£26/150ml)

  • This 100% natural and organic daily resurfacing exfoliator features a blend of AHA & BHA acids, formulated in a unique ‘staggered penetration’ technique to work on every level of skin exfoliation and stimulation.
  • It combines a natural blend of acids – such as lactic and glycolic – along with organic apple cider vinegar to keep your skin’s natural flora intact.
  • These combine to work deep to clear skin, stimulate cell renewal and collagen and elastin synthesis, and reconfigure the skin’s natural acid mantle to the ideal pH.

Step 3: Skin Hydrate (£32/50g)

  • This is a 100% natural, plant-extracted bio fermented Hyaluronic Acid works to boost skin’s moisture levels by attracting 1000 x more water to the skin’s upper layers.
  • Spilanthes Acmella, otherwise known as the ‘Toothache Plant’, reduces muscle tension and is a natural muscle relaxant – inhibiting contractions in the subcutaneous muscles.

Step 4: Skin Defence (£29/30ml)

  • Now it’s time to build up the defensive barrier with a nourishing and calming facial oil to balance and replenish the skin’s natural protective barrier function.
  • Organic jojoba oil prepares the skin pre shave, soothes post shave irritation and maintains the skin’s natural, protective barrier function.
  • Omega and vitamin E rich tigernut oil conditions and strengthens the skin and works to calm inflammation and skin conditions.

Step 5: Skin Protect (£27/50ml)

  • It’s the final round – a calming and protective moisturizing cream to lock in the nutrients of the previous steps and guard against environmental irritants.
  • Benefit from cooling organic oat kernel oil to strengthens and repair, whilst calming and protective organic argan kernel oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish your exterior.


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