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Timepiece: Seiko Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition

Ever wondered what a five-time Wimbledon champion wears on a championship-winning wrist? Well, in the case of recent winner, Novak Djokovic, the timepiece of choice is the Seiko Astron SSE174J1 Limited Edition.

The watch was specifically crafted on the sporting assets of Djokovic – slick lines and crisp contrast, with the steely black tone of a ruthless killer instinct on the tennis courts. The Astron is made in a limited edition run of just 1,500 globally. Whilst there is only one Djokovic, rest assured in the knowledge that Seiko would never just make one watch in homage to a tennis legend.


The Astron is packed with useful features. First, there is the super-hard black coating that gives this watch durability – it’s scratch-resistant and its colour will not fade. Second, is the GPS solar feature – connecting to the GPS network allows the watch to adjust to your timezone. Furthermore, whenever the dial is exposed to bright light the watch automatically receives GPS signals but when it is concealed under a sleeve it will store the time of the previous successful adjustment and recover when there is enough power.

The dial is a thing of beauty – black and gold continuing the theme but with the extra touches of the tennis scoring system captured at all hands of 15/30/40 minutes. There is also the option of using multiple time zones. When dark, sleep knowing this watch will beam the bright glow-in-the-dark colour back to you in, so you’ll always know the time whatever the light. The autograph from Djokovic himself is the game changer on the 46.7mm diameter watch.

RRP £2,400 – available in store now.

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