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Summer Style: Best Moisturisers For Men

The summer months can mean many things for the discerning gent. More daylight, more social engagements, longer periods without proper rest and raised temperatures. Whilst all of these things generally have a positive impact on your skin, the ying to the yang is that they can all leave your skin feeling the effects. So how do you look after the largest organ on your body?

Replenishing water levels is crucial. Hydration via drinking plenty of water is the obvious answer but you also need to apply directly to skin too. With impractical frequent showers out of the question, the simple solution is using moisturiser – religiously. Here, DiscerningGent.com picks out the best moisturisers for men this summer, tailoring to different skin types.


Normal Skin


Those with normal skin and little-to-no need for special treatment should use a good all-rounder moisturiser. DiscerningGent.com picks Neville’s Face Reviver which contains vitamins A and E along with aloe vera – the combination is rich enough without being too heavy on the skin. It’s also gentle on sensitive skin too.

£25 for 50ml – Cowshed


Dry Skin

Dry skins needs rich nourishment to keep things supple and hydrated without making it look or feel oily. For dry skin look for creams such as Dove Men+ Ultra Hydrating Cream which is high in glycerin and shea butter which help to retain moisture and create a buffer to keep dryness (or the elements) in check throughout the day.

£8.99 for 50ml – Dove


Oily Skin

Whilst oil helps to retain moisture, too much oil can be a problem. Making skin look and feel greasy, and worse still – shiny. For this type of skin you’ll need a cream with reduced oil content because the skin is already produces too much. Swapping oil for natural butters means that skin can keep a matt sheen for longer without succumbing to the dreaded shine. DiscerningGent.com recommends the Oil-Free Daily Moisturiser from Tom Ford as the one to save the day.

£75 for 50ml – Selfridges


Tired Skin

This one is less a skin type but a result that many discerning gents will be affected by at some point in their lives – working and partying too hard will take its toll on the mind and body. Your skin will be the first visual giveaway of professional or leisurely excesses before anything else does so perk it up the same way a can of Red Bull powers up the body with Hydra Energetic Recharging Moisturiser Turbo Boost by L’Oreal Men Expert. The key is in the vitamin C which increases collagen production which leaves the skin fuller whilst taurine can give the skin a more vibrant look.

£14.89 for 50ml – Superdrug


Sensitive Skin

Those with skin highly reactive to tightness, redness, inflammation or roughness caused by the environment or other stimulus will know the pains of sensitive skin. To combat the uncomfortableness caused by sensitive skin, opt for a less is more approach about the type of cream you choose and go for one containing antioxidants like Silver Needle Tea extract or Hemp Seed Oil such as Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser by Cowshed.

£16 for 100ml – Cowshed


Bearded Men

Hirsute discerning gents nurturing a beard will know the itchy and scratchy sensation of keeping a beard. This is due to a beard harbouring dead skin cells that over time cause the surrounding areas to feel uncomfortable. There’s also the issue of blemishes, ingrown hairs and block pores to deal with. This Beard Moisturiser from Murdock helps minimise irritation, combat brittle hair and retain moisture to keep your beard looking as slick as the rest of you.

£24 for 150ml – Murdock

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