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G-Star RAW: World’s Most Sustainable Denim

With a reputation as an innovator amongst global denim brands, G-Star Raw has been challenging the conventions and norms of modern day denim. Following two years of production the brand has launched G-Star Elwood RFTPi jeans and D-Staq RFTPi denim jacket, with the tag of being the world’s most sustainable denim available.

In an age where we are increasing more aware of the impact we are having on the world – what we eat, the clothes we wear and the places we travel to, the world has developed a conscious and there is no getting away from it.


What makes this denim so sustainable? Four key innovations that break the mould. Firstly, the indigo dyeing process has been changed to use 70% fewer chemicals and no salts so there are less by-products from the dyeing, meaning less waste and more recyclable water. Secondly, the washing technique aims to keep 98% of the water used so that it can be recycled. Thirdly, the denim is made from 100% organic cotton and lastly, everything is renewable right down to the metal buttons (with no zippers).

From a style perspective the cut, colour and finish on the jeans and jacket are what the discerning gent would expect from G-Star – premium and well put together. The classic indigo colour is exactly the sort of versatile tone that works well paired with brown or tan brogues. Team with a classic white t-shirt and a dark/contrast blazer for the smart touch or Harrington jacket for that relaxed weekend feel. Alternatively, double up on the denim and glow of sustainable style radiance.

G-Star RAW

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